CIT Program


The Counselor-in-Training Program is a way for our 13-year and older FORMER KIDREALM CAMPERS to extend their years at our camps. We really appreciate the kids who come back and experience our camps from behind the scenes as counselors. We will teach them valuable skills which may lead to a paid position in our camps or the county in the future. CIT’s will receive t-shirts and a timecard which they will punch each day. We will train them to organize games and activities, lead teams of campers in games and projects, and much more. We will have many fun opportunities for the CITs including tournaments, advanced projects and even special prizes.


Who is Eligible?

CITs must be 13 or older AND be a former KidRealm Camper. We want the unique creative kids who we already know and that know the games and activities from years of attending KidRealm Camps. This will insure that the Camp experience for the Campers remains at the high level that everyone expects from our camps.


What is the Cost?

The cost is $125 per 1 week session. This includes t-shirts, prizes, and training.


What are the Hours?

8:30 am to 3:00 pm preferably.

CITs are welcome to attend AM Extended Hours for no extra charge. We ask that CITs pay for PM Extended.  This is a $45/week charge. 


We limit the CITs to the first 16 per session. Sign up fast if you are interested.


  • CIT Week 1 (6/25-6/29) FULL
  • CIT Week 2 (7/2-7/6) FULL
  • CIT Week 3 (7/9-7/13) FULL
  • CIT Week 4 (7/16-7/20) FULL
  • CIT Week 5 (7/23-7/27) FULL
  • CIT Week 6 (7/30-8/3) FULL
  • CIT Week 7 (8/6-8/10) FULL
  • CIT Week 8 (8/13-8/17) FULL