I have not received any email (either with my password or my registration confirmation) from Kidrealm. What can I do?

If you have not received any email from KidRealm, please check your Spam folder and settings and make sure that you have set up your email software to accept messages from rob@kidrealm.com.

How much screen time vs movement time is there?

As a parent and a physical education teacher I am a big proponent of movement and exercise. There are 4 one-hour rotations during the camp day. One hour would be screen time. One hour is movement time in the gym or outside. One hour is group games and face-to-face interaction with card games and the like (no devices/video games). The last hour is camp specific and may have some screen time or none at all. There will be options such as Legos, group games, arts and crafts and other non screen activities. I strive to make sure KidRealm has a good balance of activities (physical, hand eye, social and pure fun).

Are camps different each week?

All camps are single weeks and may have the same title but due to the nature of KidRealm they will be unique experiences each week. Many campers sign up for all 8 weeks and each week has a different feel. There will be new campers. There will be different tournament formats. We will offer different games and variants of the same games. Pokemon/Minecraft week 2 will be different than Pokemon/Minecraft week 8. There may be similar activities and all the fan favorites but there will be a different dynamic.

What is KidRealm's Cancellation Policy?

If cancelled MORE than two weeks from start of camp, the customer will receive a refund of their total payment minus $50. If cancelled LESS than two weeks from the start of camp, the customer will receive a refund of half of their total payment. No money is refunded if campers miss days during the camp. ALL REFUNDS WILL BE PROCESSED WITHIN ONE WEEK OF REQUEST. If you have not received your refund in a week, please e-mail us. It may have been lost in the mail or we may have not received a request.

Can I pay with Visa or other credit cards?

The answer is yes, you may pay with any credit or debit card. Our online payment processor is Stripe. A Stripe account is not necessary to make your payment.

Can my 12-year-old be a CIT?

The answer is sorry, No.

How is the day structured at KidRealm Camps?

The focus at KidRealm Camps is fun but we also want to offer many challenges in critical thinking, creativity and strategy. We also want a balance in social, physical and screen-time activities. We start each day with a morning meeting and 20 minutes of silent reading. We have hundreds of great books in our Camp Library, and Campers are invited to bring their own books or read some of ours. During the morning we will also have tournaments and prize activities.
Our Core Hours are filled with 4 activity-packed Rotations a day. Campers will visit Jester's Jamboree (card games, group games, hand eye games, tournaments), Cool Coliseum (movement and PE activities), lunch for 40 minutes. After lunch we will have 2 more rotations. The Arcade (Campers will play the latest video games with their friends). Pokemon Center/Lego Legends/Wizard Games (this rotation has camp specific activities). Each rotation is packed with exciting games and fun activities.

We end the day with a short afternoon closing ceremony. No part of the day is unstructured other than some free time in the morning and afternoon for arrival and dismissal. We want to stress that when parents drop off and pick up campers and see the "free" activity time that they don't come to the conclusion that the camp day is unstructured. This may be all of the Camp day that parents see but please remember it's only a very short time at the start and finish of the day. Many campers enjoy this time because of all the exciting tournaments and tradition building activities. They can interact with campers in other groups as well.

What do kids do during Extended Day?

Our Extended Hours program is one of the best in the county. Since the camp day is so structured and there is very little "free" time, it's fun for the kids to unwind and relax. Extended hours begin with 20 minutes of Silent Reading. We have an Arcade Hour where the kids can play kid-friendly games on popular systems like Nintendo Wii, Game Cube, X-Box, PlayStation 2, and Game Boys. We limit video games to one hour. Also we have Movie Hour where we play great DVD movie titles (PG and G). We also provide some exercise time in the gym or outside. There will also be tournaments, creative play, and some arts and crafts.

What is a “Contracted Camp” in cooperation with Arlington County?

"Contracted Camps" are independently owned and operated camps that pay a fee to the county to be allowed to operate at county locations. In addition to the location, the county provides advertising in their summer camps catalog. KidRealm Camps hires their own staff and processes their own registrations. KidRealm Camps operate as a County Camp in safety procedures and rules of conduct. One thing that sets us apart is the year-round dedication to our particular program. I work on activities all year long in my After-School Enrichment Programs. By the time summer rolls around our activities are tried and true. Also my budget for the camp is as high as I can afford. Last year we spent thousands on games, projects, and the like. We want KidRealm Camps to be one of the best camp experiences offered in the area, and we try to do whatever we can to insure that your child has a great time and wants to come back every summer.

What is the Code of Conduct of KidRealm Camps?

We expect all Campers to respect the staff and the other Campers. Campers must respect other camper's property as well as the school's and KidRealm's. We expect all campers to follow established Camp procedures of rotating with their teams, following activity directions, staying within camp boundaries, and making safety a priority. We will not tolerate:
  • Intentional verbal abuse, teasing, bullying or profane language.
  • Physical harm to another person or staff.
  • Intentional damage to property.
  • Taking other people's property (Camper's, School's, KidRealm's).
  • Inappropriate behavior through touching or invading another person's personal space.
  • Harassing others for food, items or money.
  • Consistent disregard of Program Procedures. (Not following directions, habitually late picking up camper)

Staff will make every effort to encourage positive participation and strive to solve all problems in a calm, diplomatic fashion. In the event that all measures have been exhausted, we reserve the right to remove a Camper from the Program. Consequences will be relative to the degree of unacceptable behavior. Some consequences we may implement include:
  • Moving a Camper to a different Team.
  • Having Camper stay with our Director.
  • Suspension for remainder of day and next day.
  • Suspension for the remainder of the week.
  • Suspension from all future KidRealm Camps.
Our goal is to provide a safe, fun place for all students. We value our customers and understand that as parents you want to be confident that KidRealm offers a positive environment for your child. We are dedicated to this result.

Are there Outside KidRealm Activities or Field Trips?

We try to get outside as much as weather/programming permits. The Cool Coliseum may go outside in the morning but not in the afternoon for example. The extended hours normally goes to the playground as well if the weather is good. We do not leave the site for any field trips.