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Summer Camps

Pokemon Minecraft Supersmash:  The ultimate fun camp! Embark on the ultimate adventure complete with tournaments, prizes and non-stop activities! Play the latest games like MineCraft and Fall Guys in our Awesome Arcade! Get moving and stay active in Cool Coliseum! Play SuperSmash Bros on our jumbo projection screen! Try out tons of fun games at Jester’s Jamboree like Castle Combat, Pig Racing and Pumpkin Dash! Carry on the KidRealm traditions of Prize Wizard and friends, JumboTron SuperSmash, Crazy Bones, World Cup Penny Soccer, Speedstacks and special "Theme Days"! (Each week will offer unique prizes and activities!) Staff to participant ratio 1:10. Ages 6-12.

Wizards Camp: If you love Harry Potter and playing fun games then the Sorting Hat will lead you to this camp! Learn and play creative games such as Harry Potter TCG, Wizard's Chess, Magic the Gathering, logic puzzles, Pig Racing and many more. Play fun arcade games like Minecraft and Retro Arcade. Get moving and stay active in Cool Coliseum. Carry on the KidRealm traditions of Prize Wizard, JumboTron SuperSmash, Crazy Bones, Speedstacks and special Theme Days! Staff to participant ratio 1:8. Ages 9-13.

Adventure Gaming. (Register at Arlington County Parks and Recreation) Enter the amazing RPG world of Elfwell (all new terrain & map). Adventure with your friends, roll the dice and explore dungeons and ancient realms. Unique, one of a kind experience with hundreds of expertly painted fantasy miniatures. Magic the Gathering tournaments! Chill out in the Arcade with fun games like Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Hours of fun playing games like Risk, Talisman and many more. Staff to participant ratio 1:8. Ages 10-14.

Counselor-in-Training (CIT)

The Counselor-in-Training Program is a way for our 13-year and older FORMER KIDREALM CAMPERS to extend their years at our camps. We really appreciate the kids who come back and experience our camps from behind the scenes as counselors. We will teach them valuable skills which may lead to a paid position in our camps or the county in the future. CIT’s will receive t-shirts and a timecard which they will punch each day. We will train them to organize games and activities, lead teams of campers in games and projects, and much more. We will have many fun opportunities for the CITs including tournaments, advanced projects and even special prizes. Ages 13-17.

School Holiday Camps

Kidrealm turns school holidays into KidRealm fun days! Camps have been offered on Veterans Day, Election Day, grade preparation and parent-teacher conference days, as well as over winter and spring break. Expect all the KidRealm favorites. Castle Combat Tournament! Pokémon Battles! Minecraft challenges! Super Smash Bros championship! Awesome prizes including an exclusive Castle Combat card! Location will vary depending on the availability of space. Staff to participant ratio: 1:10. Ages 6-12.

After-School Enrichment


KidRealm runs an after-school enrichment class called Fakespeare’s Theatre. Fakespeare’s Theatre is a fun-focused introduction to Drama. It is a no-pressure approach to Children’s Theatre where kids learn the basics of stage acting all the while having a fun time. It is perfect for beginners or even budding stars of the stage. It’s a great place to practice public speaking and build confidence. There are 6 after-school classes with a performance for families on the last day! All plays are comedies. Kids can even use their script on the final show! Currently offered at Greenbriar East Elementary for grades 3 to 6.

Birthday Parties


Make your next child’s party a KidRealm Party! We offer high energy, creative, fun parties in the Northern Virginia area. Choose your child's favorite theme: Pokemon, Castle Combat, or Lego Legends. Each theme party is an hour long of non-stop fun and prizes. KidRealm is teacher owned and operated.

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