KidRealm Parties

Make your next child’s party a KidRealm Party. We offer high energy, creative, fun parties in the Northern Virginia area. Each party includes an hour long of non-stop fun and prizes. KidRealm is teacher owned/operated.

Gaga Bowl Party
Gaga Ball is hugely popular! We pump up the jams and make this an unforgettable high energy experience! Includes 1 hour of games, 30 minutes of cake/party time, and prizes.

Time:  1.5 hours
Cost:  $250 (up to 12 kids), $300 (13-20 kids)
Cost includes the rental fee at Arlington Community Church.


We can have the party outside or inside! If we come to your home, there is a $50 upcharge.

Castle Combat Party
Enter the world of Sagaheim! Host your own Castle Combat Tournament! We’ll come to your home/venue and bring the full tournament kit and lots of prizes. Compete for prizes and glory! An awesome party for ages 6 and up. Castle Combat themed games such as Tournament and the Gauntlet! Special Edition card for host!

Time:  1 hour
Cost:  $175 (up to 12 kids), $200 (13-20 kids)
Bonus:  4-card party packs, $2 each or 16 packs for $25. 2 Legends/2 common in each pack.


Other Theme Parties available: Putt Putt Party (outside only, same price as Gaga), Baggo Party (outside only), Paper Football Party (inside or outside), Penny Soccer World Cup (inside or outside), Lego Legends (inside or outside).

NOTE: We do not provide food, cake or decorations. Payment is due in full when date is confirmed. $50 fee for cancelled parties.

Email for availabilty.