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Castle Combat Starter Set

All new starters. You get everything you need to start the hobby. Two 12-card Army Decks. One Good Army and one Bad. Each Army comes with a Legendary Card not available in packs! A deluxe Rule Book. Plus dice. This Means War! Join the Quest Today! 

Cost: $ 10.00
Shipping/Handling: $ 2.00

Booster Packs: New Age of Castle Combat (3-pack)

The New Age of Castle Combat is here! All new boosted abilities. New and  Improved graphics. Over 200 cards in the new set!

Each pack includes: 3 Common Castle Combat Cards. 3 Legendary Castle Combat Cards. (There are no more Rares but some of the Commons are "rarer" than others.)

Cost: $ 9.00
Shipping/Handling: $ 1.00

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